Do you still need stationery while working from home?


Covid-19 has forced many people to work from home, which has impacted a vast amount of office supplies companies. According to reports, stationery sales dropped by 70% within a month. 

Some people believe that those who work from home don’t need stationery such as paper, tape or correction tape. This is incorrect, they still require these. The sales channel, however, is changing from business to individual. If businesses allow their employees to purchase stationery from home, the office supplies companies would need to dispatch this stationery to the employee’s home instead of their office.

Therefore it is believed that office supplies providers should widen their coverage of locations in goods delivery.

The challenges, however, are that the profits of one order become much smaller and the logistics become more pressurised. For example, in the past, ten employees in one location would place one order from an office supplies company. But now ten employees in ten locations place ten separate orders for the same sales amount (or possibly even smaller).

As working from home becomes the new normal working style, office supplies companies face challenging times in the years ahead as the world slowly recovers from the disaster caused by Covid-19.

by Johnny Tang  27 October 2020



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